state or quality of


  • trepidation

    Trepidation is fear or uneasiness about something that is going to happen.

  • affiliation

    If you have an affiliation with a group or another person, you are officially involved or connected with them.

  • consternation

    Consternation is the feeling of anxiety or fear, sometimes paralyzing in its effect, and often caused by something unexpected that has happened.

  • insinuation

    If someone makes an insinuation, they say something bad or unpleasant in a sly and indirect way.

  • tribulation

    Severe problems, suffering, or difficulties experienced in a particular situation are all examples of tribulations.

  • gradation

    A gradation is a series of successive small differences or changes in something that add up to an overall major change; this word can also refer to a degree or step in that series of changes.

  • striation

    Striations are striped patterns or markings of parallel and narrow grooves.

  • alliteration

    Alliteration is a device used in speech or writing in which several consecutive words all begin with the same sound or letter, the latter usually a consonant.

  • aggravation

    When you feel aggravation over something, you are being constantly annoyed or bothered by it, often because it is getting worse over time.

  • deprivation

    Deprivation is a state during which people lack something, especially adequate food and shelter; deprivation can also describe something being taken away from someone.

  • gratification

    When you have a feeling of gratification, you experience satisfaction or pleasure about a job well done.

  • moderation

    When you exhibit moderation, you do nothing to excess; rather, you live in a balanced and measured way.

  • permutation

    A permutation is a complete change or total transformation.

  • polarization

    Polarization between two groups is a division or separation caused by a difference in opinion or conflicting views.

  • ramification

    A ramification from an action is a result or consequence of it—and is often unanticipated.

  • resignation

    A feeling of resignation is one of submission, acceptance without protest, or an unresisting attitude.

  • compilation

    A compilation is a gathering together of various different things gathered from many different sources.

  • duration

    The duration of something is the amount or period of time that it lasts.

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