• umbrage

    When you take umbrage, you take offense at what another has done.

  • vantage

    A vantage is a position, condition, or place that contains a powerful benefit, favored spot, or helpful aid of some kind.

  • tutelage

    To be under someone's tutelage is to be under their guidance and teaching.

  • visage

    Someone's visage is their face or the expression their face can make.

  • verbiage

    Verbiage is an excessive use of words to convey something that could be expressed using fewer words; it can also be the manner or style in which someone uses words.

  • badinage

    Badinage is lighthearted conversation that involves teasing, jokes, and humor.

  • entourage

    An entourage is a group of assistants, servants, and other people who tag along with an important person.

  • barrage

    A barrage of something, such as words or missiles, is an attacking stream that bursts steadily upon someone.

  • carnage

    Mass carnage is the massacre or slaughter of many people at one time, usually in battle or from an unusually intense natural disaster.

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