full of, having


  • sonorous

    A sonorous sound is pleasantly full, strong, and rich.

  • boisterous

    Someone who is boisterous is noisy, excitable, and full of boundless energy; therefore, they show a lack of disciplined restraint at times.

  • zealous

    Someone who is zealous spends a lot of time, energy, and effort to support something— notably that of a political or religious nature—because they believe in it very strongly.

  • sententious

    If someone is sententious, they are terse or brief in writing and speech; they also often use wise-sounding proverbs to appear morally upright and wise.

  • lustrous

    Something that is lustrous shines in a soft and gentle way by reflecting light.

  • copious

    A copious amount of something is a very large amount of it.

  • tremulous

    Someone is tremulous when they are shaking slightly from nervousness or fear; they may also simply be afraid of something.

  • scrupulous

    A scrupulous person takes great care to do everything in an extremely honest, conscientious, and fair manner.

  • luminous

    When something is luminous, it is bright and glowing.

  • timorous

    To be timorous is to be fearful.

  • dolorous

    Something that is dolorous, such as music or news, causes mental pain and sorrow because it itself is full of grief and sorrow.

  • sedulous

    Someone who is sedulous works hard and performs tasks very carefully and thoroughly, not stopping their work until it is completely accomplished.

  • ponderous

    Ponderous writing or speech is boring, highly serious, and seems very long and wordy; it definitely lacks both grace and style.

  • onerous

    A task or responsibility is onerous if you dislike having to do it because it is difficult or tiring.

  • heinous

    If you describe something as heinous, you mean that is extremely evil, shocking, and bad.

  • cavernous

    A cavernous space has a very large empty space like a cavern; it is immense in size, both hollow and huge.

  • dubious

    If someone makes a dubious claim, there is a great deal of disbelief or doubt about it.

  • infamous

    An infamous person has a very bad reputation because they have done disgraceful or dishonorable things.

  • momentous

    A momentous occurrence is very important, significant, or vital in some way.

  • monotonous

    A monotonous activity is so repetitious that it quickly becomes boring and dull.

  • perilous

    A perilous situation is highly dangerous or extremely risky.

  • pompous

    If you are pompous, you think that you are better than other people; therefore, you tend to show off and be highly egocentric.

  • stupendous

    A stupendous event or accomplishment is amazing, astonishing, or simply spectacular.

  • vicious

    A vicious person is corrupt, violent, aggressive, and/or highly immoral.

  • languorous

    When someone is languorous, they are very relaxed, sluggish, and lacking in energy.

  • vertiginous

    A vertiginous agent, such as a very high cliff or inner ear infection, causes dizziness or a whirling about in the head.

  • anxious

    If you are anxious, you are either feeling worried or nervous about something, or you are really looking forward to something that is going to happen.

  • numerous

    If there are numerous people in a gathering, there are many or a lot of them.

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